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Strengtheners + Weakeners

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I love the Powerscore Bibles and they have helped me improve in most of the question types. However, I'm having a difficult time improving on strengtheners and weakeners (flaw in the reasoning goes in this category as well). I just cant get over the 66% accuracy and it honestly is becoming so predictable that for every 3 questions I do, I get one wrong. Any advice from people who had success with improvement in these question types?
Malila Robinson
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Hi Omarion,
It is hard to answer that without more specifics. For example Strengthen and Weaken questions both have things like Causal Reasoning and Conditional Reasoning aspects in some of the questions. It may be that you are ok with regular S/W questions but those other ones may be giving you difficulty. We might be able to help you on the forum, but you may also want to consider working with a tutor who can watch you work through questions and figure out exactly where you are going wrong.
Hope that helps!