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Weighing Scholarship vs ranking

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I've read a lot of forumns and blogs about this issue but am still having a hard time with my choice. I'm choosing between ASU, Pepperdine, BC and U of A. I've recieved half scholarships from both ASU and BC and full scholarships from Pepperdine and U of A. I'm leaning away from BC because I went there for ungrad and other forumns have expressed that it drops in prestige once you leave the Northeast and I most likely will want to live in CA. Location wise I would choose Pepperdine, but I am just worried about picking the loswest ranked school out of the four and how that will affect me when applying to big firms. On the other hand, going to school in Arizona and then taking the bar in California also does not seem like it would be a good idea. Overall, I'm torn between higher rankings and better location with less debt. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Dave Killoran
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Have you listened to our podcast episode on this subject? It's at ... ceptances/. You might find it helpful!

I talk a lot about the various tools to use to make the exact kind of decision you are referencing. and if you have listened to that, post in some of the stats for the decision schools so we have all the data at our fingertips. Thanks!
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