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#6 - Oscar: I have been accused of plagiarizing the work of

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I narrowed my answer choices down to A and C. I went with C because it seems like Millie is challenging Oscar. Is this wrong because Millie is challenging that Myers cannot give permission to plagiarize and not challenging Oscar's ability to quote Myer's like the answer choice says?
Jay Donnell
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Hi Anothertesttaker!

Millie is indeed challenging Oscar, but not in the way represented in C. I would agree with your reasoning against C, good catch!

Millie doesn't question whether or not Oscar could prove that he received private correspondence from Myers regarding the use of her work without attribution. Rather, she challenges the idea that such permission absolves Oscar from claims of plagiarism.
It seems that according to Millie, the use of another's work without attribution is still plagiarism, in that "it is fundamentally a type of lie."

Hope that helps, keep up the good work!