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Discrepancy doing LG in test conditions

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Hi! I'm having an issue with doing logic games outside of testing conditions, in which I usually do well with doing single games or a 35-minute section. However, when taking practice tests, I will do badly on questions, but there is no consistent pattern on types that I am getting wrong.

Are there "checks" I can perform to test better - like reading the rules one more time? Or are there other factors I should look at to diagnose this problem?

I do not have the same discrepancy with LR and RC, and have also been focusing on LG a lot so am trying to clear this up before the March test. Thank you!!
Robert Carroll
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It sounds like you're doing well on LG in isolation, so you understand the section and can perform well when you're just doing LG. I think your strategy of focusing on LG is misguided. You're good at LG. What you aren't as good at is doing LG well when taking it in a full test with other sections. The test could have any order of the sections, so you never know what you're getting next. That's part of the difficulty of it. I think it makes sense to practice full tests more so that you can more easily adjust your thinking as the section type changes throughout the test. Doing LG in isolation will not address this, and, because you're already good at LG, it doesn't seem as if the isolated practice is really what you need.

You can even do timed practice sets where you do only two sections, one LG and one something else. This will help you practice shifting approach from one type to the other.

Robert Carroll