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LSAT is a beast, and you need to study!

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This is just a vent post really and perhaps a warning...

I started the PowerScore Bibles about a month ago, planning on taking In July and man this test takes some work. I did very well on my ACT and GRE, am generally considered to be an intelligent person, and figured this would be more of the same. What a rude awakening though. When people said give yourself many months of prep time, I admit I was skeptical. However, a month into my prep and it is clear why this time is needed for most people (myself included.) There are just so many concepts to learn and even when you learn the concepts there still is the prospect of preparing for the mental strain and time constraints of the test itself which are, in a lot of ways, every bit as hard as the concepts themselves. On top of that I work full time. What an adventure this is becoming! :)

My cold diagnostic was 162 so I believe I can get to 170+ with practice, but I definitely have my eyes wide open as to what kind of prep it will take to achieve that now. I have a 3.4 GPA so I am really counting on the LSAT to open up scholarships to a solid school.

My best advice a month in: if you are out there and are considering taking the LSAT, take your prep seriously. You probably think you are special, as most potential law students do, but you likely aren't as special as you think with regards to the LSAT. Also, don't get discouraged, because you WILL encounter concepts and problem types that befuddle you. For me, the most challenging problems are weaken and flaw in the reasoning questions. When the language gets dense in these question types, it just looks like an opaque undecipherable flow of text to me, especially when it involves SCIENCE. (Yuck! I'm a History undergrad with a master's in History as well, who wants science?! haha) However, I can feel myself getting better the more problems that I solve and the more I understand the concepts underlying the problems. I suspect I will only continue to improve when I get into actual practice tests. Good luck out there, and study hard!

(Also, the PowerScore Podcast has been really good so far. Lots of useful information in there and the music/alcohol discussion is a perfect little intro segment! Thanks for doing it.)
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Thanks for this post, Hord! I thought it was cool :-D

And thanks for the kind comments about the podcast!
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