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Hi guys,

Hope all is well. I am reaching out to ask about recommendations for law school prep programs. Are there affordable programs in NYC that you all would recommend? I applied to the SEO fellowship program (no interview as of now), and I plan to submit an app to Pace Universities 6 week academic planning program. I also thought about buying a Barbri course for $100.

I've been admitted to a few of my admitted choices. Likely destinations are UC Berkeley, Boston Law, or Fordham Law School.
Dave Killoran
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Hi Candidate,

These programs tend to vary in quality. The one I typically recommend is LawPreview because I know it's run extremely well (and has been for years). Is that the BarBri one you mean (because LawPreview is owned by BarBri). If so, for $100 you should jump on that.

Dave Killoran
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