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Should I take the Dillard at UVA, or go to Stanford?

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Below is a law school question from a student, Jane, and PowerScore CEO Dave Killoran's response.

Jane: "Hi Dave,

I am trying to decide between a Dillard at UVA and Stanford (with whatever need-based I'll receive, but I don't think it will be much).

I'm interested in PI... not sure if I want to go the government direction or the non-profit direction though. I really do want to do a clerkship and I know that depending on how well I do, I can do this from either school.

I have family at Stanford and my SO at UVA, so that also complicates the decision for me.

Do you think there is a significant disadvantage career-wise to attending UVA? Or how big do you think the disadvantage is? I've looked at all the employment stats and am still having trouble knowing how significant the difference is.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and advice!"

Dave Killoran: "Hi Jane,

Congrats on the great offer! This one is pretty easy for me: if I was choosing, I'd take the Dillard and never look back. The 8th ranked school in the nation for free vs what sounds like close to a full payment for Stanford? I love Stanford but free at a T8 is just way too good to pass up. The head start in life you get with no debt from a school that good is just unparalleled in my opinion.