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GPA Addendum/Diversity Statement/Application Tips

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I go to a small college in Missouri and I'm from the Cincinnati area. I would like to attend a school in either of these places, but of course my dream is a T-14 school. I started college at 15, but I really was not prepared. My first semester I got a 3.0. I was a cross country athlete for most of the time, then I ended up quitting since the coach was pushing me past injury. Then I got a 1.9, though I was taking difficult math and science classes and working alot that semester. Though I also took community college classes that year that I failed. I'm still not sure of how many classes I took. I'm ordering my transcripts today.

My GPA shows a sharp upward trend, and I received second honors my first semester junior year, then 1st honors my last two semesters. I also rejoined the cross country and track team my junior year with a new coach and have won meets and made school records (at a very weak NAIA school). I still work about 25 hours a week as a cashier as well.

I currently have a 3.34 at my school, though, it includes repeated courses. I've lived with a very poor and sick Somali single mother with a rare blood disorder and although that's had an effect on my childhood life it hasn't had much of an effect on my adult life. I'm also getting my undergraduate at 19 which I think counts for something. I am a semicompetitive athlete for DIII or DII school and curious if that can help admissions or if I could even run in grad school (I also wouldn't mind going for an MBA before law school). I still have yet to receive my January LSAT scores, but I don't think they are particularly strong.

I'm assuming I should write an addendum and a diversity statement and maybe choose some schools that are most suitable for me, but at least try for some of those reach schools. Any advice?
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I don’t have the slightest bit of advice, but you sound pretty amazing. Way to persevere and accomplish your goals in the midst of hardship and difficulty!
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I think you'll find this full of good advice: ... th-addenda

Your GPA may not be perfect, but 3.34 is certainly an accomplishment, given your tough circumstances. Congrats! When you say your January scores are probably not strong, what do you mean? Even if they aren't, you should consider retaking - schools in the US will base their decisions off the highest LSAT score, so it's quite advantageous to retake with little risk.

I'd certainly highlight your potential contribution to the diversity of your law school.

Consider your GPA, LSAT score, diversity status, and "softs" - taking all that into consideration, what are your chances at the schools you're looking at? Before you get discouraged, I think it makes sense to marshal your facts and see what other applicants in similar circumstances have done. And because the LSAT score is something you can change, if your dream school seems just out of reach, could you substantially improve your chances with a higher score?

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