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Lesson 13: Question 3

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I have a couple follow up questions about this, that I am looking forward to learning about:

This is identified as a strengthen-PR, it seems to me, to be flowing from the stimulus to the answer choices, causing me to think MSS/MBT/Prove Family type. In order to explain this, the stem states, "Mary's decision most closely accords with which one of the following principles?"

My first thoughts are, "ok, find an answer choice that aligns or agrees with Mary's choice to not take part in the experiment she has been assigned."

How is this a strengthen idea?

In regards to the correct answer choice (B):

The absence of the requirement of "immediately assist," apparently justifies Mary's choice to not participate in the experiment, so then would the absence of "immediately assist," not justify her choice if she chose to participate in the experiment, and is the absence of "immediately assist" the same as "not immediately assist?"

Side Note: This is an abstract perspective, in my opinion, since the stimulus contains no details about the latter of the correct answer choice (B).