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Full scholarship at #74 law school, or half at #50 school?

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Below is a question by a student, Alyssa, regarding her law school choice, and PowerScore CEO Dave Killoran's advice.

Alyssa: "Hi Dave,

I’m having a really tough time deciding between two schools and I’m hoping you can help!

I was offered a full tuition to Penn State Law (ranked #74- I also went there for my undergrad) and was also offered half tuition at UConn (ranked #50). I know UConn has a much better employment outlook, however I feel like it’s tough to tell where PSU will be in the near future since they split from Dickinson so recently. I don’t particularly care where I work per se, but I would like to end up in a coastal town. No dreams of big law here either.

Do you think UConn’s ranking is worth taking out $60k in loans for tuition? The COL in both areas are pretty similar.

Thank you so much !!!"

Dave Killoran: "Hi Alyssa,

The difference between #50 and #74 is not big enough to me to justify paying more, especially when PSU has been investing in the school and should be on the rise. If this was #74 vs #20 then it would be different, but #50 doesn't do enough in terms of reputation to move the needle for me :)

Please let me know if that helps. Thanks!"