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Flaw in the Reasoning Page 528 Q8

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I have a question about the way you explained answer choice (B) of Question 8.
I clearly see what you are saying in that explanation, but that was not how I approached this answer choice.
I interpretted this answer choice as explaining the scenario in which the effect (good health) does not follow from the cause (good education/ making informed lifestyle choices). Thus, had it not been largely in the stimulus, this answer choice would been very attractive to me (although less so than answer choice D). But because the stimulus had 'largely' in it which allows for the possibility of good education not causing good health, I eliminated answer choice quickly. I would appreciate if you let me know whether you agree or disagree with my way of approaching this answer choice.

Thank you so much! :)
Dave Killoran
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Hi Harry!

Yes, I think this is a good example of where having certain words like "largely" allows them to then more comfortably insert answers like (B) (in part because the largely then allows you to ignore the poor health issue). If "largely" wasn't there, you would probably see an alteration in the way they worded (B).

Even if they left (B) as-is, they'd likely still argue (D) was the better answer, mainly due to the question stem wording of "most vulnerable." (D) hits what could be called the "bigger" flaw at that point, vs the more specific idea in (B). But I don't believe they'd keep it identical.

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