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6 months to prep: Study hours/ practice test per week?

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I work full-time, but want to invest at least 15 hours per week toward prep. Any suggestions?

Stephanie Turaj
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Hi Jallala,

Thanks for the post! I was actually going to refer you to our On Demand Course, but I see you already are enrolled, which is perfect! :-D This course is self-paced, so it allows you the flexibility to tailor your studying to not only your schedule but to your personal strengths and weaknesses as well.

When you login to your On Demand Course Online Student Center, at the top of the page there is a link to the "12-Week On Demand Study Plan," which you can refer to as a guideline to structure your studying and the progress of the course. However, keep in mind that because the course is self-paced, that study plan is simply a guideline; since you have a longer period of time to study but slightly less hours per week to study than the plan may call for, feel free to adjust the amount of coursework you can tackle each week to your own timeline. :)

Lastly, I'll also link you to a blog post written by one of our former students that has a ton of great advice in it: My LSAT Prep Regimen—Part 1

I hope helps get you started! Please let us know if you have any additional questions!