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Prep Struggles Before the January LSAT

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So I'm freaking out before this test. My goal score is a 168-170. The highest I've gotten on a practice test was a 164. That was on a practice test 3 weeks ago. Since then I've taken four more practice tests. The three after that were pretty consistent and were encouraging: 164,163,163. Typically I was getting 2-3 wrong on LG, 8-10 between the two LR sections, and since it's by far my worst section and one that I have never improved on at all, 7-9 wrong on RC. But then today's practice test happened. After finishing it up I had never felt more confident, and yet I got a 159. 6 wrong on LG, 14 wrong on LR, and 9 wrong on RC. I had misses that made no sense: on a lot of LR questions I chose wrong answers that few people chose. On the reading comprehension section, I missed 5 questions on the passage that I did first, which was absolutely mind-blowing. All of this comes at the back end of what I thought was a very successful prep course as well as the creation of a huge word document diagramming every question type I got wrong and why on previous tests. So now I'm super worried: any confidence that I had from the string of good tests is totally destroyed, and I honestly have no idea what to do. Should I just keep hammering out practice tests and hope things get better with repeated practice? Any ideas would be massively appreciated :)
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Hi mjk,

Thank you for your post! Hopefully it will comfort you a bit in knowing this is actually a common question students ask about! I'm going to refer you to this forum post for some helpful advice and additional links to get you going in the right direction: Please review this and let us know if you have any additional questions! :-)