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#16 - Debater: As a pedagogical practice, lecturing embodies

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The incorrect answer choice (C): "Fails to consider the possibility that some characteristics of lecturing other than hierarchy are weaknesses"

Would this be a flaw made in the debaters argument?
Jay Donnell
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I wouldn't see C as an accurate depiction of a flaw within the Debater's argument. By their reasoning, the hierarchy embedded in lecturing in regards to the teacher/student relationship is an impediment to the peer interaction in which people learn best. This then leads to the conclusion that the hierarchy involved in lecturing is a great weakness.

The conclusion is fairly specific, and has good reason behind it. We were given a reason to believe that the hierarchy aspect of lecturing has an issue and so for that reason, the hierarchy involved in lecturing is a great weakness. The Debater doesn't conclude from that one issue that lecturing as a whole, or anything grander about the education process is a weakness, simply the one component with the provided evidence to display its shortcomings.

Having one problem listed in an argument designed to show a a weakness in a certain concept does not leave the author open for criticism for failing to consider other problems with that concept. You don't need to list every single bad element of something, simply listing one problem can be used just fine in concluding that a weakness exists in that thing.

Hope that helps!