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Pattern Games

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Hi, I'm having trouble with my speed for pattern games. I'm constantly creating new templates in these games since there are so many local questions and not a whole lot of inferences. Creating a new template for each question is time consuming, so I was wondering if there are any tips for tackling these types of games. Is it possible to answer these games without having to make multiple game boards? plz help
Malila Robinson
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Hi Michelle123,
This is a bit of a tricky question to answer because pattern games tend to differ A LOT in the way they are set up. There are some that you may be able to make a single, general diagram, and then work in your head to adjust it to each question. And then there are some that are more complex, and it is likely that you will need multiple diagrams to answer questions.
So the best answer is probably to remind you to reuse your diagrams. Once you create one, don't erase it! It may, and likely will, work for another question.
Build off your prior work, rather than starting from scratch.
And keep in mind that pattern games don't show up as much as other games. Get a general grasp of them, but concentrate on linear, sequencing, and grouping games.
Hope that helps!