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#18 - Specific Reference, Must Be True, Purpose/Function

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The incorrect answer choice (A):

"It forms part of the author's summary of the benefits that have resulted from the technological developments described in the preceding paragraph."

Is incorrect, because (lines 50-52) its not these particular technological developments (preceding paragraph) but its the result of the general tendency of the market system (benefits of diffusion across society).

Is this the valid reason that (A) is wrong?
Jay Donnell
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In this passage, the first paragraph outlines the main causal argument:

New technological developments have narrowed the benefit gap (aka brought together the haves and the have-nots).

The second paragraph contains four examples of specific developments that have had this effect:

1) Printing press led to increase in literacy
2) PC and modem led to increased access to databases
3) Broadcast television has given us a cornucopia of entertainment
4) E-mail has greatly increased the powers of long-distance communication

The last paragraph also involves causal language, but of a very different type. It's not another example of a development that helped to bring society together, but rather a claim that helps us go one step deeper in the causal mechanism of the argument. We know that these developments help society, but this final paragraph allows us to learn why people are sharing this technology with the world in the first place.

By introducing the idea that a desire for profits helps explain/cause the widespread dissemination of these technologies, this paragraph helps strengthen the original thesis in paragraph one.

This perfectly matches the language of the correct response in D, and A fails as this last paragraph is not simply another example of these technologies and their benefits to society.

Hope that helps!