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#17 - Xavier: The new fast-food place on 10th Street is out

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I cannot figure out why E is the correct answer and to my dismay on the online test grader 100% of people got this question right. Good for them :) I just want that point too! I can’t figure it out why the answer is not A. Both agree that it is ridiculous that there is no out door seating. I felt them both agreeing it was risky was a reach based on the stimulus. Any help on what I am missing here would be very appreciated.

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Hey KSL - thanks for posting! This Point of Agreement question is trickier than those stats suggest, so don't fret if you feel like you're the only one struggling...I can assure you you aren't! Let's see if we can make sense of it though :)

The beauty of (A)—I know "beauty" is a strong word, but I think you'll agree with me shortly—is that you can eliminate it based solely on what Xavier says! He tells us that "few people want to sit outside and breathe exhaust fumes while they eat." In other words, there's a reason in this particular case why most people would rather eat indoors: sitting outside at this fast food restaurant leaves them in close proximity to traffic and its exhaust fumes.

But is that enough for us to know that Xavier believes the far more broad/extreme "few people want to sit outside while they eat"? No! Eating outside could be everyone's general preference, provided they don't have to breathe auto exhaust when they do so. People might LOVE to eat outside, but this one individual scenario is the exception.

It'd be like if I told you few people like drinking orange juice right after brushing their teeth, and someone then assumed I think few people like orange juice. I gave a circumstance where people hold an opinion, but that doesn't mean that opinion still exists in the absence of that circumstance.

So based on Xavier's statements there's no way to know that, in general (at all times), few people want to eat outside, because Xavier qualifies it with a very specific reason. We simply cannot take his analysis of this singular situation and expand it to include (the implied) ALL situations that answer choice (A) suggests.

As for (E), that's more strongly supported as a shared belief because of these statements:

..... Xavier: I'm not surprised the new fast-food place is already out of business.

..... Miranda: The new fast-food place was likely to fail.

If both believe the restaurant was unlikely to succeed, then it's entirely reasonable to conclude both felt it was a risky venture (anything likely to end in failure is, by definition, a risky move).

I hope that helps!
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