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#20 - Politician: Our government’s Ministry of the

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Please post your questions below!
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On the actual exam and doing the exam in practice I selected the same incorrect answer D. I left B as a contender but did not select B because it seemed more vague in that it did not mention anything about political pressure or health issues. For this reason D seemed like a stronger answer. Can you please explain why D is incorrect and B is?
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Hi Krwill!

To help explain why B is a better answer than D in bringing in a principle to strengthen the argument, we first have to fully break down the argument in the stimulus.

P: Due to political pressures, the Ministry of the Environment's scientific assessments on the ecological impact of industrial activities are often rendered inaccurate

P: The newly formed Ministry of Health will be facing similar political pressures in relation to health issues


C: The Ministry of Health should not issue scientific assessments that relate to health issues

The structure of the argument relies on two things:

1) At least some similarity between the two Ministries and their respective battles against political pressure

And perhaps most importantly:

2) A connection between the reports being often inaccurate and the judgment that because of that, the reports should not be issued.

B provides a very useful link to help solidify the argument in regards to the second point listed above, with at least a tangential connection to the first point. Based off the similarity between the Ministries and their respective political pressures facing them, it would be reasonable to say that we DON'T have a strong reason to believe that these reports will be accurate. That allows us to then activate the principle, which takes us nicely to the conclusion that states we should not then issue those scientific assessments.

D fails here as a Strengthen Principle answer because it relies on the contingency of IF the ministries can successfully resist political pressures to modify the contents of the assessments, and the stimulus offers us no reason to believe that the Ministry of Health will be more successful than the Ministry of the Environment in that regard.

I hope that helps clear it up!