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How to continue studying for January

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Hi Dave or Jon!

I received my score back after the writing the Nov 17th lsat and I am planning to rewrite. I have not really studied very much since the Nov test and I am now gearing up to start studying for Jan. I am a little lost as to where I should start. I have 6 weeks to study about 30 hours per week, last time around I did not do enough timed PT's and timed sections/exercises so I am planning to do one timed PT per week for the first two weeks and then increase to 2 timed PT per week. I studied for 2 months and followed the two month self study plan while prepping for the November test.
Materials I have include:
- all the PowerScore Bibles, Type training and workbooks
-I just purchased the advanced LR course from PowerScore
-I also have PT's 70-81 left as well as October 2013, Dec 2010, June 2011

My weaknesses are logic games and logical reasoning and of course the timed conditions. I cannot yet finish any of the sections under timed conditions.

Any game plan suggestions or rough studying schedules would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Robert Carroll
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I think it makes sense to review the Bibles, Type Training, and Workbooks just to make sure you're strong in the fundamentals. This should go much more quickly than your first read-through of them, and you should be comfortable skipping anything that you think you have down - the material is not new to you, so if you understood it once, you should be fine.

Beyond that, I think your plan for doing timed PTs is good. However, I think you can supplement those with timed individual sections. Since timing is an issue, you will want to do even more timed practice. Adding more timed PTs per week will probably just lead to exhaustion and not be very helpful, and it's quite likely you will find yourself without the time or inclination to do more PTs than you've already scheduled. Doing timed sections allows you to practice in a way that won't lead to burnout.

In short, 1 timed PT a week, moving to 2 later on, seems perfect. In addition, supplement with individual timed sections as appropriate.

Robert Carroll