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1L Advantage Law School Prep Course applicable?

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Hey guys
I am strongly considering taking the 1L Advantage Law School Prep Course, however I am a Canadian student going to a Canadian Law school. I was wondering if the course would still be applicable to me?
Thank you!
Robert Carroll
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Because US and Canadian law is largely based on British common law, much of the basic concepts are similar between jurisdictions. This means that much of the subject matter you'll be covering in the course will be the same. Indeed, many of the early decisions in torts and contracts that I studied while in an American law school were from English courts. Ultimately, your 1L courses in law school will give you the grounding you need to continue your studies and pass the bar exam. The 1L Advantage Course is meant only to give you a "leg up" on your fellow students by introducing you to some material before law school starts, so things won't be as unfamiliar when you're exposed to them formally in your actual classes.

Robert Carroll