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November 2018 Make-Up LSAT Discussion

Jon Denning
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As we predicted, it appears they used the February 2013 LSAT for today's exam!

A number of November LSAT enrollees around the country were unable to take their scheduled exam on November 18th due to test center closures, and thus have been assigned make-up tests in the coming days/weeks. As with all of those who sit for the LSAT, these students naturally wonder what to make of their experience, and are eager to hear more about the experiences of others. To aid in that, this thread allows you to provide information and feedback about your November make-up LSAT, and will serve as a one-stop repository for all of the details that PowerScore is able to collect on the test.

This information can then help you better predict your own scoring outcomes, and determine whether to keep or cancel your score (although these days you rarely should cancel since only your highest score matters). For more assistance on making that decision, please visit: The Ultimate LSAT Scoring Guide: Should You Keep or Cancel?

Per LSAC policies, you are allowed to discuss LSAT question topics and difficulty in general. For example, this means you can identify a game by name and discuss whether you thought it was difficult. You cannot talk about specific answer choices, however. So, "The Water Tubes game was difficult for me" is fine; "the answer to the first three questions was A in that game" is not acceptable.

Note: The list below will be updated in real time as we learn more about the exam, and thus is neither official nor complete while the discussion is ongoing. If you are considering cancelling based on the details provided here, give this thread a day or two so that we can make sure all of the information is accurate.

Scored Sections

    Real Logic Games (not necessarily in order)

      1. Office employees getting security clearance/badges (managers/recent hires)
      2. Romance novels/Thrillers/Book purchases
      3. Parade float order
      4. Semester courses/Academic classes

    Real Reading Comprehension (not necessarily in order)

      1. Procedural vs Substantive Justice (Formalism )
      2. Jazz &Bebop
      3. Scientific thought/reductionism (paranormal activity)— Comparative
      4. Polysacrylate or polyaspartate chemical proteins in laundry detergent (industrial cleaning/fertilizer)

    Real Logical Reasoning

      Spotted Bears and the fish they eat
      Kesha as speaker
      Scripts and agents submitting them
      Promises (guy mishears question but gives an answer)
      Voting referendum
      Removing party leaders
      Chlorinated water preventing some diseases (cancer)
      Library renovation
      Government funding of schools
      Maternity leave
      Clay soil
      Glee club
      Nuclear activist
      Decaffeinated coffee
      Airline crew
      Iron superconductors
      X and Y cities and populations in hospitals
      Methane and volcanos
      Gardening supplies
      Power lines and electromagnetic fields
      A person's father's liver

Experimental Sections

    Experimental Logic Games

      Different ports: north, south, and west
      Ordering sports: running, swimming, wrestling, yoga, and one or two more
      Forming a four piece orchestra from multiple types of musicians

    Experimental Reading Comprehension

    Experimental Logical Reasoning


    Writing Sample

      Two candidates for Chief Of Staff for mayor

    Section orders and question counts


      LG: 23 questions
      LR1: 25 questions
      LR2: 26 questions
      RC: 27 questions
      Total: 101 questions

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    Dave Killoran
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    Please confirm/disconfirm any of the info above, and post any Experimental section info (LG/RC topics), section orders, questions per section, etc. That will help us finalize the info for all students who took the exam today!

    Thank you!
    Dave Killoran
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    I took the makeup exam yesterday and got the following order: RC-LR-LR-LG-LR. I know that either the second or third section was experimental (both had 26 questions) but I cannot for the life of me remember any particular questions on the second section. The second section was much harder than the third and had many of a few question types, so I hope it is the experimental. I was wondering if anyone else had the same order and knows which one was the experimental?
    Also my location had a proctor issue last time so yesterday it changed from no proctors to like six in one room.