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LRB pp 136-137

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The book said the answer to #4 on of 136 was not correct because "a frequency - "usually"- is given, but only for multiauthored clinical trial report's. The stimulus also uses a frequency - "generally" - when discussing physics papers. Are you saying generally and usually are not the same?
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Not at all, Valerie! "Generally" has the same meaning as "usually" and means more than half the time. In that explanation of answer choice C we were only discussing the use of "usually" in the second sentence. It's not until the third sentence that we get "generally", and it is used only about "physics papers reporting results from experiments using subsystems developed at various laboratories." We could have added that to the explanation, but the important point was that we only know about the frequency of certain types of technical articles, and not about technical articles in general. We have no idea whether papers by multiple authors about geology, for example, are "usually" or "generally" from multiple institutions.
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