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#23 - Specific Reference, Must Be True, Organization

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In answer choice D, what does the author mean the "specific nature of the deficiency"?

In addition, does "a particular kind of remedy" mean "quantitative studies"?
Malila Robinson
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Hi Chian9010,
The deficiency is the lack of published books and articles about legal topics related to women that were based on medieval court documents.
The specific nature of the deficiency is that while the medieval court docs are mostly written on 3 ft. long parchment, in hard to read handwriting that is often in Latin or Anglo-Normal French and there are thousands of pages to sift through, which seems to give an obvious reason for the lack of published info, instead the deficiency comes from the fact that legal historians don't usually have an interest in women's history, so they don't tend to pursue it or write about it.
The remedy would be increasing the number of legal historians who are interested/willing to pursue large scale quantitative studies on women's legal topics from medieval court documents.

Hope that helps!