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#1 - Main Point

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I always have some problems with main point question :oops:

I got rid of B because I thought his work with the NAACP is about fight against racial/discriminatory segregation and not about civil right goals

I got rid of C because it is not "reinvestifation of his record as judge" that reveals its influence on current divergent political object

I have difficulties getting rid of A, and D. Would anyone tell me why they are wrong? Is A wrong because of the "certain" discriminatory laws. Is D wrong because the last sentence should change to "become accepted conventions in the field of public interest litigation"?
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Hi Chian,

The main point of a passage is usually located in either the first or last paragraph of a passage (sometimes split among both) and is analogous to the role of the conclusion in an LR stimulus: the ultimate point the author is trying to make. Here, that is located in the last sentence, which gives us the scope we're looking for: Marshall pioneered innovative litigation strategies for public interest lawyers. So we're looking for the answer choice that restates it.

(A) is too narrow, focusing on Marshall's actual successes rather than his legacy

(B) seems to work, as it keeps the scope to public interest attorneys and the legacy they inherited from Marshall's civil rights work.

(C) is completely irrelevant.

(D) looks good at first glance, but is too broad: we only know about the effect on public interest lawyers, not the legal profession as a whole

(E) is out of scope, as we don't know the relative importance of his litigation legacy vs. Supreme Court legacy.

Hope this helps!