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Pure Sequencing Wording

Stephanie Turaj
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We recently received the following question from a student. An instructor will respond below. Thanks!


I have purchased all powerscore bibles to study for the LSAT and they are great.

However, I have come across the pure sequencing game chapter and I'm stuck with the drills and wording of heavy v. light, short v. tall, large v. small, fast v. slow diagramming. I'm trying to diagram but my diagramming is the flip and opposite of the book answers.

As far as it comes to wording of sequence or order of before and after, I have no problem but the terminology mentioned above I'm getting stuck and frustrated not knowing where, which direction am I suppose to put the variables in regards to heavy v. light, short v. tall, large v. small, fast v. slow.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Dave Killoran
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Hi Mariam,

Thanks for the message! there's a page earlier in the book that you should refer to, which is page 40 (2018 edition) and the section titled "Left/Right Diagramming Terminology." This talks about the exact issues you refer to, and since Sequencing games are a form of Linear games (which is the chapter I'm sending you to), it applies fully. The quick takeaway there is that usually the "smaller" numbers/quantities are to the left, and the larger are to the right, and so it would go:

    light ..... :dbl: ..... heavy
    short ..... :dbl: ..... tall
    small ..... :dbl: ..... large
    slow ..... :dbl: ..... fast

Here's the second piece of good news is that even if you get it "backwards," it largely won't make a difference because you will simply produce a diagram that is the exact reverse of the ones in the book. You would then be able to answer the questions just as successfully :-D

Please let me know if that helps. Thanks!
Dave Killoran
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