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2018LRB Pg. 238 #5

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I have a question regarding #5 of the Sufficient and Necessary Question Problem Set on pg. 238.

I understand why A) is the correct answer, but I am a little confused about the wording of this answer. How do we know that "the prominent politicians" is referring to the "several prominent politicians" from the stimulus, and not all prominent politicians (inclusive of both the politicians that were involved in a conspiracy, and those that were not)?

Thanks in advance!
Jonathan Evans
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Hi, MP1224,

Good question! The determiner "the" here can be understood to refer to something already discussed, in this case the only place in the stimulus in which we identify "prominent politicians" is the statement about the "several prominent politicians" who have been shows to be involved in a conspiracy. Since there are no other politicians referred to as "prominent," we can be certain about the ones answer choice (A) is referring to.

I hope this helps!