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Method of Reasoning with Flaw is the same with Flaw question

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Hi Dear LSAT masters:

I have a silly question regarding Method of Reasoning and Flaw question types.

While I understand both types belong to the Family 1, which must pass the fact text, and Method of Reasoning contains stimulus may or may not contain a flaw in it, the Method of Reasoning with flaw is the same as Flaw question type, correct?

Cause it all deal with the flaw in the structure or composition of the argument, the former might be more abstract than the later? Thank you!
Dave Killoran
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Hi Gen,

The good news here is that these are the same questions, with one key difference: Flaw questions are known to have an error of reasoning in them (the question stem tells you so). That's it! Otherwise they operate the same way.

Dave Killoran
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