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#7 - Figorian Wildlife Commission: The development of

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Hi PowerScore,

I struggled with a prephrase here, and as such, was unable to identify the answer on a first pass through the answer choices. It isn't clear even with the negation technique how B is the answer. Any tips?

Dave Killoran
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Hi Deck,

I think you may have missed a point in the Figorian Wildlife Commission's argument. what they've said is that development has endangered species, and so if we're going to develop wetlands in the future, we must also construct replacement wetland habitats. That will then make it so there is no net loss.

Well, that's an interesting idea: if we develop wetlands, we have to build replacement wetlands. Now, is there any guarantee these newly-constructed wetlands will be just as good as the "original" wetlands and that the species will do just as well there? No, there's not, but the Figorian Wildlife Commission's argument assumes that they will work just as well. That's what (B) says, and if you negate that, you just poked a big hole in their argument.

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