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LGB 2016 edition p. 385

Zarie Blackburn
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We recently received the following question from a student. An instructor will respond below. Thanks!

I am going through the Bible and am having a hard time locating the discussion of a concept. I was going through the Grouping/Linear Combination Setup Practice Drill Answer Key for Drill 3, Question 3.1 (I have the 16 edition and this is located on page 383). The Answer Key for this question talk s about how M is a NC for two other applicants and that M must always be interviewed because of this. The only other place where I can find similar discussion is through the Grouping Setup Practice Drill Answer Key for Drill 1 (page 306). I don’t remember if there was further discussion on this concept of if NC doesn’t occur then all the SC also cannot occur but I think there was. I’ve gone through the Bible once more trying to skim for it because I know I would have highlighted such an important concept but I cannot find any other discussion. I am emailing to see if you all know of any other place in the Bible? I would love to get familiar with this concept before I move on to the LR Bible.
Dave Killoran
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Thanks for the message! This is a foundational concept in conditional reasoning, and so it comes up a fair bit (the necessary condition part, not the fact that in this drill M must be used). In the 2016 version, we talk about conditional chains starting on page 269. The gist is that, based on the discussion on pages 56-59, any time you remove a necessary condition, all the sufficient conditions are negated. That goes "upstream" with any chain, because each piece is necessary for another condition until the very end.

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