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#15 - Scientists hoping to understand and eventually reverse

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Hello! Initially, I got this question wrong because I chose C, in that I thought that it was making the two scenarios similar by confusing that the scientists' goal was to reverse the harmful effects to the ozone vs. them trying to prevent those harmful effects... I'm confused at even writing it out.

Later when I was reviewing, I tested myself and chose A, which is the right answer, and it makes sense.

Just for additional clarity, could someone possibly explain exactly why C doesn't fit? Thanks so much!! :)
Rachael Wilkenfeld
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Let's take a look at answer choice (C). For that answer choice to be correct, the argument must confuse preventing harmful effects and reversing harmful effects. However, the stimulus never talks about preventing the harmful effects. The scientists are trying to understand, and hopefully reverse, the harmful effects of pollution. There's no discussion at all of prevention. Since this is a flaw in the reasoning family, and thus part of the prove family of questions, since the concept isn't in the stimulus, it can't be describing the correct flaw.

Hope that helps.
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Dear Powerscore,

I understand that B/C/E are incorrect. I have doubt on D because I think "not comparable in any way" is a little too broad and maybe the two events (spacecraft vs factory pollution) can be compared.

However, I am not entirely sure why answer choice is correct.

For me, the flaw I saw from the stimulus is that the author couldn't attribute the ozone damage to spacecraft just because the factory pollution is not justifiable.

Therefore, could any of you please explain why A is the correct? The critical respect means unjustifiable and justifiable?
Brook Miscoski
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What's critical here is that the stimulus establishes that the spacecraft is used to study the ozone layer to figure out how to protect the ozone layer. The stimulus does not establish that the factory is being used to figure out how to protect the ozone layer--the factory is just plain pollution. Therefore, the spacecraft and factory are different in a very important way--the spacecraft can help solve the threat to the ozone layer, while the factory only contributes to the problem, not the solution.

That is the "critical respect" in which the spacecraft differs from the factory, and that is why (A) is the correct choice.