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LGB 2018 edition p. 416

Zarie Blackburn
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We recently received the following question from a student. An instructor will respond below. Thanks!

I’m working through Chapter 6 in the logic’s games bible. For the December 1994 game, question 12, the correct answer is B. However, I am struggling to understand why E is incorrect, even with the explanation that it violates rule number 4 (“if pastels is scheduled for day 1 or day 2, then the lectures scheduled immediately following pastels must be fresco and history, not necessarily in that order”).

It seems like if pastel was on the second morning, history comes afterwards, and then fresco, which does not seem to violate the rule.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your help!
Jonathan Evans
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Great question!

Let's illustrate the relevant parts of answer choice (E):


The issue is that the rule stipulates not only that F and H be after P if P1 or P2 but also that F and H be on the day following the day on which P is scheduled. In other words, if P is on day 2, F and H must be scheduled on day 3. Neither one of them may be scheduled on the same day as P even if they are scheduled after P on that day.


Does this make sense? Please follow up with further questions!