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RC Workbook Passage 8 Question 2 (Page 207)

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Hi PowerScore Staff,

I hope you are doing well.

I read the reading comp passage #8, and have a question on #2 in that passage.

With regards to the meaning of the word peripatetic, maybe I am not at a sufficient reading level, but I did not know what the word meant. Using context clues, I was able to eliminate B, C, and D with ease. Upon looking at A and E, I hit a wall. Though the sentence immediately following peripatetic indicates that she traveled a lot, pointing to A, farther down the paragraph the author states that "During this period of her life, Eaton accepted writing assignments" and proceeds to talk about how much Eaton learned, again referring to the same time period as before.

I later googled the word and found that it does mean walking. But I'm not sure how I would do on an exam with this question.


This paragraph seemed to prove both answer choices. While it would be easy to say that it is best to use the context clues immediately around the word in question, I can think of several LSAT questions offhand where the opposite is true. Are there things that I am missing here? I am not sure how to navigate this and would really appreciate your help.