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In grouping games or linear games when you are doing conditional statements are you looking to make the conditional statement positive to use that to work with or we just need to make sure we have the contrapositive? I guess my question is in the game are we going to be using the conditional statement or the contrapositive statement.


Correct answer is:
If Walter is not selected then Jen is not selected.

I'm confused.

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Hi Lawheart,
On the LSAT both the original statement and the contrapositive are fair game for the test makers to use in order to get to a correct answer. It is often a good idea to diagram both statements so that you can simply look at them rather than have to rethink each conditional statement when you are going through the answer choices.
To be more clear about your question, the test does not focus only on the positive statement (J-->W), it may instead focus on the info gathered from the negated statement (notW-->notJ).
(This is true on all of the sections, not just the games).
Hope that helps!