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Linear Setup

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I'm referring to Page 39 of chapter 3. Following Split Dual-Options, noting the Not Laws under the diagram, is it possible to do this with the Triple Options? The book gives an example of how to set up a Triple Options diagram but I believe it would be hard to use the Not Laws for A, B & C, assuming all the letters would have to be used atleast once. With that rule that it MUST be displayed on the first day, would that disqualify those letters from being in any other spot? Or am I overthinking ? Thanks in advance!
Jonathan Evans
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Hi, Ormondria,

You're not overthinking; you're engaging with the material. That's what you're supposed to do!

No, you can't make Not Laws™ for the other spaces because the rule that says that either A or B or C is in space 1 does not prevent the other two from being elsewhere in our diagram.

Assume A is in space 1. Now B and C can go somewhere else. As long as we have one of those three in space 1, then the other two are free to go somewhere else.

I hope this helps!