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2017 LG bible vs 2018 bible

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I just finished the LG bible today, but realized that I had finished the 2017 instead of 2018 version.... realized this scrolling through the forums, Amazon had sent me the wrong version as well :(
Are there significant differences in the techniques/question types addressed in the two versions? I’m hoping the differences primarily consist in the question pool...
I’m also planning on buying the accompanying workbook—should I go with the 2017 or 2018 version? Thank you in advance!
Adam Tyson
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The differences are discussed at a high level in this blog post, Davem: ... nd-updates

I'll let the author, and our illustrious and benevolent overlord, Dave K, handle your question about the workbook, but I suspect you'll be fine with either one as I don't think the workbooks changed any from the 2017 edition.
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