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#27 - Author's Perspective

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Somehow I got this question completely wrong and picked (B). Could you explain why (E) is correct? I thought it's based on line 17-23: "Although the conceptual clarity provided by a traditional ethics course can be valuable, theorizing about ethics contirlbutres little to the understanding of everyday human experience or to preparing medical students for the multifarious ethical dilemmas they will ace as physicians." But I have a hard time understanding the "approval of some of its effects" part.

Thanks a lot!
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The answer to your question is in the lines you quoted, lilmiss! The author says that the traditional approach "can be valuable", because it gives the students some "conceptual clarity". In other words, the traditional approach is not the best one, but it has at least some merit. That should be enough to eliminate all of the wrong answers here! Only answer E captures the author's partial approval of the effects.
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