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Concept of IN & OUT plays as big role in Unbalanced:Overfund

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Hi. The Concept of IN & OUT plays the big and useful role in solving Grouping games with Unbalanced: Overfunded nature.

But in Unbalanced: Underfunded Grouping game, Can the concept of IN & OUT play an as big role as Unbalanced: Overfunded by instead of IN & Out variables but instead playing IN and OUT concept with the Spaces, not the Variables? Is this advisable strategy?
Dave Killoran
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Hi Lathlee,

It depends on the game. they have to tell you some spaces are out, which is rare in an Underfunded game (which makes sense because Underfunded means you don't have enough variables to initially fill the spaces, and that some variables will repeat). So, if they gave you that type of setup, it would be something important, but that's not usually how Under games work.

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