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Step 2 out of all 3 steps to solve Rule substitution quedtoo

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Hi. I am just making sure,

Step 2: identify any rules or restrictions that connect to the rule in question and the variables involved in those rules

Are rough equivalent of/What the authors of LG Bible is asking the readers to perform are as roughly same as

Step 4 out of entire step 6 series solving LG Justify Question,

"Look for "Next Level" Connection" (i believe in Rule Substitution case, connecting to the most important/restricted variables/space are not as importantly regarded in solving justify Question)
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Sounds about right, lathlee! We are talking there about any inferences that were formed out of interaction with the rule being removed or altered. For example, if there was a rule that "if K is included, P is not" and another rule that "if T is not included, K is" (these are borrowed from the infamous Fruit Stand game from December 2001), we would infer that if P is in, T is in, because P in knocks K out, which forces T in. If we were then told to remove the rule that if T is out, K is in, we would also have to remember to remove that inference about P and T, because it only came about because of the interaction of those two rules, one of which no longer applies.
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