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#24 - Global, Could Be True

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Complete Question Explanation
(The complete setup for this game can be found here: viewtopic.php?t=8976)

The correct answer choice is (E)

Answer choice (A) can be eliminated since G must be paired with either J or O. Answer choice (B) can be eliminated because if J and H were paired, then H would appear in both weeks 1 and 2, a violation of the rules. Answer choices (C) and (D) can be eliminated since neither H nor K can be advertised during week 3. Thus, answer choice (E) is proven correct by process of elimination.

Note that only answer choice (E) contains one of the randoms of the game. As briefly mentioned in question #19, randoms are more likely to be able to be paired with other variables, and you can use that information to select likely contenders for the correct answer choice. Do not use randoms to automatically choose an answer, just use them to help determine which answer choices to look at first.