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LSAT LOGIC GAMES 2017 p.g. 426 #5

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Why is there a second H in the sequencing, therefore creating a triple branch. Why is not just (F :longline: H) :arrow: F :longline: J
:longline: O

Therefore creating a double branch with the second F
Jonathan Evans
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Hi, Khalikli,

We include the H in the necessary condition of this conditional for completeness. However, its inclusion is not arbitrary. You should go ahead and write H again. Here's why: when you are dealing with multiple sequencing clues, you want to be able to connect as much stuff together as possible. You also want as many variables accounted for in your connected sequencing clues.

It is quite possible that other clues may connect with H. If you include it wherever you can, you may notice important connections that you might miss otherwise.

I hope this helps!