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Improving with Difficult Questions

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I am consistently getting the first 10 questions right, and all of the easy-moderate questions correct. However, I consistently get the difficult questions wrong and there doesn't really seem to be a pattern in terms of question types missed. Are there specific drills/strategies I can implement to improve on these difficult questions? Or is it just a matter of taking practice tests now?

Thank you
Alex Bodaken
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Thanks for your question! I think you are right on in your general you start to reach the point where you are scoring in the mid-160s or so, often taking practice tests and/or sections of practice tests is more useful than doing any specific drills or exercises. This is because it gives you a bunch of exposure to difficult questions (there are plenty in every LSAT) and also gives you the opportunity to figure out exactly where you miss questions and how to fix them. That being said, if you are taking a PowerScore course, I think that a couple of key concepts that can help move you from "very good" to "great" are ID The Possibilities/Templates and looking at Killer Games for LG. But most of your improvement will simply come from continued studying and review.

Hope that helps!