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Pattern Games

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How often did pattern games show up recently on the LSAT? I was not able to practice so much on pattern games so I would like some advice on this. Preparing for the upcoming June test, should I invest a lot of my time on this?
There weren't many pattern games that I came across in the first place and (this may just be me but) how well I do in pattern games generally seemed to depend on the specific game itself and just understanding the given rules. And inferences were just hard to make which increases the time I spend on the game.

Would love to hear how you feel about pattern games! Thanks.
Adam Tyson
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Rarely, LSAT2018, but they do occur, and the last few years we've seen a real spike in those and other oddball and outlier games. The July test this year was a repeat of the February 2014 test with a circular game, which we haven't seen on a disclosed test since 2003! We saw pattern games in June 2014 and December 2015, and in September and December 2016 we saw two odd games that some folks called pattern games (September 2016 wasn't so much a pattern game, but a kind of sequencing game). Then we went through all of 2017 and the first half of this year with none. Are we due again? Maybe a mapping game this time? Who knows?!

For more on these rare game types, check out this article compiling all of the disclosed ones to date: ... d-oddballs

If you have the LG Bible, check out the chapter on "The Forgotten Few". They aren't quite so forgotten anymore!
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