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Skipping drills?

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It takes too much time for me to figure out all drills in the Powerscore books, so I'm thnking about postpoing these after I read all core stuffs.
And I want to have more timed tests as many as I can with preptests, but I'm a bit worried as the drills in the Pwerscore are all from preptests.

Is it a bad idea? Should I do it together? I mean both reading core stuffs and praticing drills.
Dave Killoran
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Hi Rimasu,

Thanks for the question! Two things that might help:

    1. We post a Critical homework List that allows you to see what we consider the most important parts of each HW. We do that some students with limited time can make sure they get to the most important part of each HW :-D You might find that helpful!

    2. All the drills in the HWs are not from PTs. We wouldn't causally throw away dozens of PTs like that! Instead, in many instances, we've designed the drills to teach key concepts in isolation because we know students will see them later in real questions. So, the fact that they are taking you a while is actually a signal that you need more work on those ideas (which are specifically designed to work with the core ideas). However, if you feel like you want to come back to them later—as a sort of refresher—that's okay too!

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