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#20- Sociologist: Climate and geology determine where human

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I was having trouble with this one. I chose A as that seems the only likely thing backed up by the facts. B is too strong using "All" as well as D,E.

Why is C correct?
Daniel Stern
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Unfortunately, A posits that climate is the "primary cause" of migrations. Although the stimulus tells us that climate changes always result in migrations, we can't conclude that the climate is the "primary cause" -- there could be millions of other things that cause migrations as well, and we don't know the frequency of the climate changes versus the frequency of all of those millions of hypothetical other causes of migration. For instance, maybe wars also cause migrations, and perhaps there are a lot more wars than climate changes, making war the primary cause of migrations. The stimulus simply doesn't give us enough information to support A.

However, the stimulus does tell us that a change in climate always results in migration, which is what allows us to conclude C -- that a population will stay put only when the climate doesn't change.

I hope that helps. Good luck in your studies!
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Would just like to confirm if answer (E) is a Mistaken Reversal of the claim that 'migrations bring about the intermingling of ideas necessary for rapid advances in civilization.' Advances in civilization is a sufficient, not a necessary condition.