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Advanced Linear Games

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I was wondering if there are any practice drills to help me identify the setup easier in advanced linear games? I’m having a lot of trouble recognizing how to set thing s up initially. Although once I get a bit of help then it all comes along nicely.

Are these types of logic games among the most difficult types seen on the lsat?
Adam Tyson
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I can recommend some materials for you, msirchia, starting with the Logic Games Bible, our top selling LG book. It is designed for self-study students and is filled with drills, explanations, and games on which to try out your new skills. The accompanying workbook gives you even more to work with. Both of those books can be found here:

There is no single type of game that automatically makes it hard. There are some advanced linear games that can be completed in under 6 minutes without much trouble, while there are some Pure Sequencing games that might take more than 10! If we were to compile a list of the hardest games of all time, you would find on it examples of EVERY type of game, including some Grouping/Linear combinations, Mapping, Circular, Pattern, and more. So no, Advanced Linear games are NOT the hardest games, except when they are. ;-)

Start with those self study guides, and use this forum as a supplement for additional explanations as you move along with your studies. Good luck!
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