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LSAT 2017 edition Page 112

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I'm a little confused with the explanation for question 11.

Wh is Z prevented from slot 6 and 7? If Y is in position 3 then isn't Z allowed to be put into any slot as long as it's before T? Same question, but for T not allowed in slot 2.

Thank you!!
Jonathan Evans
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Hey T9909,

Good questions! Remember that there must be exactly one passenger between Z and T and that Z must come before T. From these two restrictions, we get the [Z _ T] block. Therefore, Z cannot be picked up seventh because this would break that block (there is no ninth spot for T).

Why can't Z be sixth? Imagine Z is sixth. Then T would be eight. So far so good. However, if Z is sixth, then Y must be selected third. Remember, if Y is third then S must be eighth. Since T must be eighth according to the other rule, this creates a contradiction. Therefore Z cannot be sixth.

T cannot be second for the same reason that Z cannot be seventh. T must come exactly two spaces after Z. If T is second, there is not room for Z to come before him. Therefore T cannot be second.

Does this help answer your questions?