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Formal Logic Hard

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When I read the chapter, and did the exercises for the formal logic chapter, I feel like this is seriously where I quit studying for the LSAT the first two times. The reason is because I feel like I have to have these skills down pat which I want to do because I feel lots of logical reasoning questions have formal logic in them. I know when I read through the chapter I had a very hard time making the correct inferences. Is there anyway I could get more practice on formal logic? Are there any tutorials that anyone knows about? Please let me know what is out there, or if I am going in the right directions with trying to really understand and know how to do formal logic. thanks!
Shannon Parker
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Actual Formal logic is traditionally tested very little on the LSAT, 1-2 questions per test, making up less than 1% of your overall score. You would be better off focusing the more heavily tested areas such as conditional reasoning.

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