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#19 - Jeff: Proposed regulations concerning the use of

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This Q is featured in prep bible lesson 10, 29 . There is excellent Answer Explanation located in following pages
While i don't have any problem why E is the correct answer, this is the issue i have a situation like this: every time i go over, I had c or e final consideration, then i chose C couple times as the final answer couple occasions for the following reasons:

EP , experiment should be prohibited

KP , experiment known to cause pain to animals.

How i can detwrmime which conditio is sufficient condition and other is Necessary Condition given both are decorated by the word, All in the conclusion sentence in Question Stem. Two. If any of these two conditiontion is used as sufficient and necessary condition , both occasion, either case sound fine and valid
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In cases like this one, look to see which claim is the premise and which is the conclusion. The author who says "X is true, therefore Y is true" is saying that X, the premise, is sufficient for Y, the conclusion.

Jeff's premises is that all mammals feel pain. His conclusion is that experiments should be banned. Therefore, he is claiming that pain is sufficient and a ban is necessary.

Answer C gets that backwards, treating a ban as sufficient and pain as necessary.

Perhaps that approach, one of Premise :arrow: Conclusion, will help you avoid these problems in the future? Good luck, keep at it!
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