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I keep doing practice test after practice test and for some reasoning, I don't seem to feel like I'm improving at Logical Reasoning at all. I keep getting the same amount, if not more, questions wrong each time I do a LR section. Any tips on how to improve this??

Adam Tyson
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You bet, goodman! First, banging out test after test is NOT the way to get better at the LSAT. Practice tests are an important tool, but more important than taking those tests is reviewing them in ways that help you learn from your mistakes and struggles and also how to repeat your successes. Check out this blog post to see how to go about reviewing those tests in ways that will lead to improvement instead of repetition: ... tice-tests

Next, you have to look at what you are doing in between those tests to shore up your weak areas. Untimed practice questions and drills will be a part of that, as well as reading articles and explanations to really get at the underlying concepts and strategies. Knowing that you are having problems with Assumption questions is a great start, but then learning about things like prephrasing the answers, sorting losers and contenders, and testing contenders with the Assumption Negation Technique will give you the new skills you need to get better at them.

Finally, focus on quality over quantity. Avoid the temptation to rush through the section, but work at a pace that allows you to be accurate along the way. Read carefully! Think about what you read and what you are supposed to do with it or to it. It's better to take your time, answering 16 questions and getting them all correct (and then guessing on the rest), than it is to hurry and answer 25 questions, only getting 12 of them right.

Are you enrolled in one of our courses? Working with a tutor? Using a self-study plan? Look into all of those options to figure out which one is best for you. I can tell you for certain that just taking test after test will NOT get you good results, other than to increase your familiarity with the material (which is necessary, but not sufficient, for success).

Check all that out and then get back to us with any specific questions you may have. We'll be ready to help when you need us!
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