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LOGIC GAMES BIBLE 2017: Page 549

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Page 549, why could not the correct answer be C since if S is toured on Wednesday it is also toured on Tuesday. Am I the only one going crazy? Thank you.
Adam Tyson
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I'm assuming that you are referring to question 18 of that game from June 2000, Hope? While it's true that S CAN be toured on Tuesday and Wednesday, it is not the only pair that can do that. In other words, S being toured on Wednesday is not the only solution that fits that local question's restriction. Take a look at this, for example:


The goal of the question was to find one thing that must ALWAYS be true when Tuesday and Wednesday are the same division. The above option is one way to do it, and the SS pair on those days is another, like this:


The parentheses there indicate that O and P are interchangeable on Thursday and Friday in this scenario - either O is Thurday and P is Friday, following the requirements of the last rule, or else P is Thursday and O is Friday (the only way to get O in on at least one day but NOT on Thursday in this situation).

So, what is the constant in these two templates (three solutions)? What is it that MUST be true every time that we have a Tuesday/Wednesday consecutive block? Looks to me like the only thing we can bank on is that P must be on Monday! That's answer A, our correct answer.

While S on Wednesday would force S to also be on Tuesday in this situation, that's not what the question is asking. It's asking what must ALWAYS be true when Tuesday and Wednesday are the same division. You have to try both scenarios to see the constant element! (There are only two scenarios, either an OO block or else an SS block on those two days, because P is not allowed to be on Wednesday).

Take another look and see if that makes sense, Hope! Keep at it!
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